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Hi everyone, I'm Molly, the owner of my small slime shop, Molly's Slime Supreme! This all started in 2021, when I begged my parents to allow me to open up an Etsy shop and begin my journey as an entrepreneur. I knew nothing about running an online business, but wasn't in it for the money. Slime has always been something that I've loved creating and experimenting with over the years! As my shop grew, I eventually realized that I needed to create some type of advertising to gain an audience, and opened a YouTube and instagram channel. Somewhere along the way... here we are! 


However, I'm definitely not working on slime 24/7! I love reading, writing, and anything outdoors. I'm on the cross country and track team, play piano, and value spending time with my family. While slime is one of my hobbies, I hope that it will someday grow into more. 

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